Many people take issue with franchises that release a title every year like clockwork, but why? When do people draw the line? Is it the quality, as many say? Surely the last three Call of Duty releases couldn’t have all deserved that 4 they sit at on Metacritic (which is an admittedly horrible metric, but not much else is measured). Not every Assassin’s Creed was Unity.  Continue reading “When Do Yearly Releases Milk the Cash Cow Dry?”

So yesterday I posted an article from GamesRadar, on Facebook, about the silly notion of Sony paying off film reviewers to give the new Ghostbusters movie a positive review.

Well guess what! This is my second time writing this article, owing to a problem with the software I’m using, and boy am I pissed about it!

So the GamesRadar piece outlines, in a rather sneering fashion, that some people are just a little bit suspicious of positive reviews about the movie! Well okay then, let’s take a look at that possibility. Time to don the tin foil hat and tune into Radio Nut-case via my fillings.  Continue reading “Ghostbusters, Sexism, Conspiracies and GamesRadar”

So this is a little thing I may do once a week or so. With that said; what is this little thing? Well I don’t know about any of you, but I get seriously fed up of the Xbox Live Indie Game Market Place (which I’ll be calling XBLIG). So that’s why I’m making this little series. In the endless void of pointless 8/16 Bit style games, designed to play off your nostalgia for a now antiquated aesthetic, there are a few original and interesting gems.

Continue reading “The XBLA Indie Game Treasure Hunt!”